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Gaming Rechargeable Ergonomic Mouse RGB Optical USB For Windows Mac 2400 2.4G

Lefon New Upgraded Rechargeable Wireless Mouse Ergonomic Optical 2.4G 1000/1600/2400 DPI Wrist Healing USB Vertical Mice For for Windows MAC IOS

800 mAh rechargeable battery, DPI up to 2400DPI, private model products, using 6 sets of grinding tools, 20 screws inside, environmentally friendly ABS material, can be used to test 10 meters down to the floor.

Package Includes:

Mouse x1

Usb Receiver x1

Usb Charge Cable x1

Instruction x1

Benefits of using an ergonomic mouse

An ergonomic mouse can ease existing wrist pain and help prevent you from developing Carpal Tunnel or RSI. They reduce the range of motion necessary for the operation and allow you to extend your hand and arm naturally. Of the GoldTouch Semi-Vertical Mouse, one user reported, “It's saving me


Do ergonomic mouses actually work?

Based on our research and the research of others, ergonomic mice that promote a more upright hand and wrist posture (like a handshake) better match our complex anatomy and can put less strain on our muscles. An ergonomic mouse can play an important role in promoting comfort.”

FQA: What to do if the mouse has no response?

1. Please charge the mouse with a USB cable.

2. Make sure the power switch on the bottom of the mouse is “on”.

3. Try to restart the computer.

4. Press the left、middle、right key when the power is on, and put the receiver into the computer, waiting for 5 seconds, and then you could rematch code successfully.