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Portable Wireless High-Pressure Car Wash Washer Gun & Foam Generator 30000mAh Battery

Features :

1. Special material waterproof, water and electricity isolation is safer

2. Self-priming/faucet 2 water inlet methods, more convenient to take water

3. 3 Water types adjustable

4.With temperature protection function, automatic shutdown of over temperature and overload, eliminating safety hazards

5.Large amount of water, easy to absorb water

6. A variety of high-quality extension accessories, cleaning is more convenient and clean

7. Multifunctional high-pressure cleaning, very suitable for car washing, garden watering, agricultural irrigation and daily cleaning

8. Simple installation, quick plug-in installation of all interfaces

Package included:

1x Washing Machine

1x Lithium battery

1x Charger

1x 5m Water pipe

1x 0° Outlet head

1x 45° Outlet head

1x Coke bottle adapter

1x Extension rod

1x Filter

1x Foam pot

1x Manual

Q & A

Q1: Why does the car washing machine not start after turning on the switch?he water pressure so small?

A1: Maybe the battery is out of power, please charge

Q2: Why is there no water after turning on the car washing machine

A2: Observe whether the water pipe is bent and the water cannot be released; press the car washer for more than 15 seconds and wait for the water to be sucked into the car washer


Q3:Water leaking from multi-function nozzle,Sudden increase in water pressure

A3:The multifunction nozzle is blocked,replace the nozzle


Q4:Water flows out after the machine is turned off

A4:There is water residue in the pump door after the machine is turned off


Q5:Foam bottle can't spray ? cleaning agent

A5:Drain the water completely before storing foam bottle clogged,clean with water


Q6: It can be started, but there is little or no water from the nozzle?


①It may be that the water connector is not pressed tightly. Press the water connector directly twice for the second time until you hear a click.

②It may be that air has entered the fuselage or the water pipe. You can directly fill the fuselage with water with a tap to drain the air, and then spray water by self-priming.


Q7: Battery indicator light off?

A7:Use a screwdriver to disassemble the battery case, and press and tighten the four iron pieces at the four corners of the circuit board.


Q8: Battery charged but won't start? Product does not start?

A8:It may be because the inserts inside the machine are loose or wet. Use a screwdriver to disassemble the battery case to see if the battery circuit board is wet. If it is only a little wet, it can be air-dried. If the entire circuit board is wet, scrape off any rusted areas and air dry. If it is not wet, just clamp the corners of the battery circuit board and a few iron pieces in the middle. If you don't know how to disassemble the machine, you can try knocking the gun head down on the ground or on the table a few times.

During use, be careful not to seepage of water in the battery, it will be recharged every time it is used up, and the battery will be thrown upside down.


If you encounter any questions that you don't understand, please contact customer service to handle it for you! grateful!


Warm Tips:

1.After the car wash machine is used, it should run empty for a few seconds to drain the residual water in the machine, avoid oxidizing dirt and freezing for weather reasons, and store it in a dry and cool place.

2.Do not store in the trunk of the car in hot weather to avoid fire caused by high temperature.

3.Batteries need to be kept away from water.Remove the battery after use, so as not to affect battery life.

High Pressure Car Washer

Up to 80 minutes of battery life


300W Copper motor

A good machine needs a strong heart. It can work continuously at 20000rpm and has a long life without burning the machine.

Crankshaft connecting rod 6 cylinder water pump:

Super powerful running force connecting shaft 6-cylinder cylinder technology

52V is full of power and strong pressure

Stable operation, less vibration, and quieter

Small size and lightweight


Other water guns/triple plunger pumps:

The traditional three-piston pump has low pressure

Only supports 12V voltage

Unstable operation

Short service life

High-strength compression technology

Range up to 6~10 meters

After repeated adjustments to the water pressure by German institutional designers, the precise arrangement of the water pump head was determined, which greatly improved the cleaning efficiency of the water outlet pressure to ensure the lasting pressure.

Power surging

Multifunctional nozzle

Switch water type at will

Meet different car wash needs

0°Outle t/ 45°Outlet

Metal long nozzle

Sealed and waterproof body


Water inlet

Start trigger

Car wash handle

lithium battery

Product parameter:

(In manual measurement, there is an error of 1-2cm, please refer to the actual product.)

Product name: High-Pressure Car Washer

Product Size:37*20*8cm

Limited Data:10L/min

Peak pressure:100bar

High-Pressure Mode

Wash stubborn stains


Fan Spray Mode

Large area flushing



Foam pot spray

Can be used to spray pesticides

Automatic water absorption design

The unlimited venue, available anytime, anywhere


Automatic suction design can be used in bucket/river water/pond/full scene

More than a car wash gun!! its a all purpose water gadget

More suitable for a variety of cleaning purposes

Yard flushing/watering plants/kitchen cleaning/crop washing


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