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Rechargeable Bike LED Light Lamp Bicycle computer 4 Mode USB Horn, Flashlight Cycle, Speedometer

Do you want to get a bright bike light to ride at night ?

Do you want to warn other cars or riders during cycling at night ?

Do you want a cycling odometer to achieve your fitness goals ?

Do you want a loud bike bell to make others be warning ?

Did your handlebar is not enough spare for all of the gadgets ?

The NEWBOLER 3 in 1 cycling set is your best choice.



type: Bike headlight/Bicycle Computer/ cycling horn 3 in 1

feature 2: Cycling Stopwatch/Bicycle light / Bike speaker 3 in 1

feature 1: Bicycle headlight/Cycling Speedometer/Bike Bell 3 in 1

Version: wireless

Speaker: 120 db

Screen size: 2.1 inch LCD screen

Power Supply: Battery

Mounting Placement: Handlebar

Lumens: 800LM

Battery: 4000 mAh Lithium battery

Bike computer

A bike speedometer with accurate tracking on speed and distance helps you to get more fun of your cycling trip or easily achieve your fitness goals.

12 FUNCTIONS BIKE COMPUTER: top/current/average speed, distance, lighting, LCD backlight, clock, time, calorie, auto turn off/data storage, power saving, etc;

Memory function

When the battery is low, please charge it in time. If the battery is completely exhausted, it will cause all the data to be completely lost. The factory mode will be restored after recharging.

Trip Distance (DST): Please long-press the Power button for 3 seconds to clear DST, AVS, MXS, TM, and CAL values to zero. The bike light and computer will also be turned off.



Bright back light

2.1’ big screen LCD display with sustained backlight,allows you to read the digital clearly in the deep dark night or in the long tunnel.

Keep press SET key for 2 seconds to turn it on, keep press SET key for 2 seconds to turn it OFF.


Reasonable Security Ray

Compared with other bike lights, this bike headlight features with anti-glare design. It is bright for the night riders and it won’t blind drivers, increasing safety for city riders and commuters who find themselves caught in the dark.


Bike Bell

120dB speaker provides a clear warning for passers-by riders and cars.

Please enjoy cycling with this wonderful gadget at the anytime to feel your speed!

Wired control. There are 3 kinds of sound modes. 120dB. Long press button "SPK" for 8 seconds to select the sound mode that you wanted. Suitable for all kinds of users.


 but do not suggest using it for a long time in the rain.

Long battery endurance, low consumption

Super Long Battery Duration: 4000mAh built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery and Low energy technology together bring you up to 3000 hours working time (headlight off , only odometer work).

it offers 6/12 working hours when you turn on the headlight.


Bike computer inspection method

Method: Insert the computer to the base. Then one hand holds the launcher, one hand-magnet. Approach the magnet to the launcher and move it up and down. It is normal if there is a speed display.(as in the picture)

How to install the magnet and launcher

The best installation position of the magnet is on the top of the bicycle spoke. The top of the bicycle spoke has a non-circular structure. After the magnet is locked, it will not swing back and forth, and the wireless signal is stable.

The distance between the magnet and the sensor should be kept at about 6mm. If it is too close, it may become unstable.


2 Brackets are optional

2 holders are optional for different bike handlebar and reading habit

Easy to install, and save your handlebar space.

4 Colors are optional


( 1 ) Main Unit

( 2 ) Bracket

( 3 ) Spoke Magnet

( 4 ) Installation Kit

( 5 ) Speed Sensor

( 6 ) Lighting And Sound Extension Controller

( 7 ) Extension Controller Fixed Strap

( 8 ) Zip Ties

( 9 ) USB Charging Cable

(10) Central bracket (Optional)

(11) Bike Tail light (Optional)


Tyre size correspondence table


Q & A

07.17.2020, Customer A suggested a tire circumference comparison table.

[A]:it had been offered at the bottom of the description.

07.25.2020, Customer B said the tail light did not work.

[A]: There is a piece of paper in the middle of the battery in the taillight, which needs to be removed to light up.


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