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Wifi 3d Holographic Projector Fan 52Cm First 3D Advertising Machine Hologram

Projector Built-in 8G Memory Support MP4/JPG/GIF/MOV


1.52CM 4 fan blade design, 2000*552 resolution. Support IOS/Android client, WIFI direct connection, you can change advertising content more flexibly.

2. Ultra-high-density 552 LED rotating imaging, showing the naked eye high-definition 3D visual effects. The physical resolution reaches 2000*552. It supports popular video formats, animations and 3D text image display.

3. The four-axis design minimizes the ring effect and vibration. The detachable fan blades greatly reduce the volume and freight.

4. Easy to install, can be rotated or hung on the installation wall, it will never take up too much space.

5. Suitable for cinemas, airports, shopping malls, subways, urban advertisements, exhibitions and other places.

Product specification:

Product size: 52cm

Rated voltage: AC100-249V, 50-60Hz

Number of lamp beads: 552

Support format: MP4/JPG/GIF/MOV

Rated power: 40W

Resolution: 2000*552

Product size: 520mm*74mm*55mm

Weight: 480g

Package Included:

3D holographic advertising machine*1


USB card reader*1

Mounting bracket*1

Expansion screw*2

Mounting screw*12

User Manual*1

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